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We are an independent multi-family office, offering investment solutions to those high net wealth families who are looking to make an impact on the world around them.

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What we do


Public Equity

Our investment strategies drive public fund growth and provide unparalleled access to opportunities for our clients. We are committed to continually increasing access to capital, and providing more opportunities to those around us


Green Technologies

Investing in products and services that are environmentally friendly and focus on challenge-oriented solutions to connect natural science and technology. Intending to reduce the human impact on the environment and restore the natural resources available


Social Impact Investing

Our company is committed to serve society as a whole. Many countries are under pressure with limited access to public funds, which continues to strain local economies. With a focus on the public and private partnerships, Aeterna can bridge the gap.

A partner you can count on.

We are a passionate team dedicated to helping our clients compete and thrive in the ever-changing investment management industry. Our growth is fueled by teamwork, diversity and our client’s success.

By offering inclusive finance options, we provide sustainable growth for our client’s and our company. Our international and dynamic reach offers a unique investment opportunity, and provides a distinctive blend of finance opportunities.

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